Big scalability, light footprint

  • Rapid installation and setup - Simple self-registration (no credit card required) gets you started right away
  • Ease of use - Three quick steps to configure your IoT devices to the basic6 platform
  • Lightweight - No additional or specialized hardware required to deploy and scale your app and our technology does not interfere with your IoT application
  • Real-time bi-directional communication - Access, program and update your connected devices where ever they are - from anywhere
  • High scalability - Securely scales up to multiple thousands of devices
  • Board flexibility - Raspberry Pi, Arduino Yun, Yun Shield, and BeagleBone Black 

Features and Flexibility

  • Real-time monitoring and control of connected devices
  • Control and manage entire device deployment from a centralized, single-screen management interface
  • Devices are easily clustered and configured together to perform tasks, real-time data exchange and updates
  • Open architecture allows customization of components, cost management

Security and Customizability

  • Deploy devices behind firewalls
  • Communication is via encrypted and secure WebSockets
  • SSL encryption, individual device password protection, full firewall support, hardenable Linux
  • Duplexed communication enables configuration of devices with immediate and actionable sensor data
  • Customizable to fit beacon or sensor deployments
  • On-demand health-check of all devices
  • If a device loses WiFi or power, it automatically becomes available once reconnected or powered on
  • Use your choice of data storage or other components for full customizability and cost control
  • Working with basic6, the platform can have further customization