Lighting Control

Basic6 delivers an end-to-end solution to turn LEDs into smart connected lighting networks for any size enterprise. The scalable platform provides remote access and advanced functionality to any location from any location. Securely manage any number of individual or groups of lights and control them with scheduled commands.

Easily Deployed

The Basic6 cloud-connected platform and accompanying mesh network are installation ready requiring no additional wiring for gateways and endpoints. Basic6’s device agnostic connected lighting solution is extremely adaptable and expandable as lights and sensors are added. Over-the-air software updates can be made at any time, to any node, enabling enhancements and additional features.


Basic6 Connected Lighting maintains a stable network architecture. The system is self-healing and will never stop working due to a single point of failure. If the Basic6Gateway loses connection to the cloud, the mesh, switches, and schedules continue to operate locally


Secure by design and from the ground up, the Basic6 Enterprise Cloud utilizes encrypted channels for every connection made within the network. There are no servers on the gateway to exploit and no IP address attack surface.