revolutionary lifi technology and iot connectivity for lighting networks

Complete end-to-end solution using LED lighting and our cloud-based technology to turn existing LED lighting installations into smart lighting networks.

Add GeoLiFi to your existing LED lighting to deliver a better customer experience and in-store, geo-located marketing to customers while reporting on paths, dwell times,and highest engagement rates by exact location in your store.

Or let us retrofit your LED lighting into a connected network. Control the lights individually or as a group, manage them for energy efficiency, or add sensors or other devices to turn the lights into sources of information.

Every light becomes an information channel.

A really bright idea!



The revolutionary technology of GeoLiFi utilizes the visible light spectrum as a communication mechanism, turning every LiFi LED light into a highly targeted geo-located data source.


Combined with the power of the basic6 cloud-based platform, enterprises can now deliver mobile messaging to clients and receive detailed analytics about customer interest, engagement, promotional impact, and visit lengths. This is all accomplished through the LED light infrastructure with reporting granularity down to the location of individual lights.


Because GeoLiFi uses existing wiring and green technology and is managed centrally, enterprises can save energy costs and utilize one piece of their infrastructure in multiple ways.

If the lights are on, the technology is working. No battery changes, no detailed management of ranges and accuracy. One central interface to manage all components: push messaging, analytics, lights and customer tablets.