our tools deliver powerful business intelligence

Salespeople using smart LiFi tablets as resources are more knowledgeable, productive, and profitable.

The effect of knowledgeable salespeople is three times greater than the effect of in-stock inventory. 

Our tablets bridge the gap between online shopping and in-store shopping and give salespeople resources that rival those currently available only online.

Salespeople are brick-and-mortar stores' most valuable resource and have tremendous capacity to effect sales. Supercharge them with a mobile personal assistant

Customers buy more when they have access to product locations, product details and promotions. And, 86% of buyers will pay more for a better shopping experience. Management can make more profitable decisions when armed with real-time data about customer activity and patterns.

Aligning sales staffing with peak and low traffic flows can increase sales by as much as 6% while saving on energy costs.

The adage of knowing that half your advertising dollars are wasted, just not which half, was coined in retailing.

Those days are over. With click-through ad counting and measured traffic flow down to the aisle, you'll know what ads worked and when.

From upload of your map to creation of an application is likely to take a certain degree of customization to sync with your systems, but we're set up for that. This initial work will allow for a solution that best dovetails with your enterprise. Based on your hard-wired lighting infrastructure, not battery operated objects, the central management interface will provide proximity messaging and detailed analytics.


 Please reach out so we can see which bright ideas are best for your company.