Maker - FREE

up to 5 devices and 1GB storage per month

no credit card required

Small - $7.99 per month

5-15 devices and 3GB of storage per month

Small Business - $24.99 per month

16-55 devices and 11GB of data per month 

Business - $99.99 per month

56-175 devices and 35GB of storage per month

Enterprise - all custom

All plans have the full platform, email support, secure encryption, and high speed throughput.

Is it really free on the Maker plan?

Yep, for up to 5 devices and 1GB of data per month.

Adding a credit card?

After you select an upgraded plan, click the New Payment Method button and follow the steps. Please note basic6 does not store any card information.

Need to add an additional card?

In Settings>Payment Methods, click on the Add button and follow the steps.

How to pick the default credit card?

In Settings>Payment Methods, choose the card you would like to be the default and click the "Make Default" button.

Need to delete a card?

In Settings>Payment methods, click on the card you'd like to delete and click Delete!

How often do I get billed?

If you are on the Maker Plan, you will not be billed and no credit card is required. All other plans are billed monthly on the first day of the month. All billing is on a prorated basis—meaning that if you were to sign up June 15th —you would only be billed for the remaining days in the month.

What device plan am I on?

In UserName>Account>Plan you'll see your current plan. By default, all new users start with the Maker Plan which allows you to connect up to 5 devices with up to 1GB of data transfer per month. But it’s easy to upgrade plans if you want!

How do I update my current device plan?

If you’d like to add more devices than allowed in your current plan, you can easily upgrade. Go to Account>Switch to select your new plan and follow the steps for payment. You will be notified via email of the successful change.

How do I downgrade a device plan?

Under Account>Plans, select the new plan and then Downgrade>Cancel Current Plan. You'll receive a confirmation email.

What happens if I downgrade my plan?

If a user downgrades a plan to Maker, they will ONLY have access to the first five (5) devices that were configured to the account.

Do you charge tax?

Yep, if it’s required by law for your state.

If I cancel, do I get a refund?

We’re sorry, no!

Is there any fine print?

All the legal language and any limitations can be found on our Terms of Use.