global data center management

Our original product, b6DataCenter, enables secure, agentless management, control, and configuration across servers, clouds, data centers, and operating systems from one easy-to-install desktop console. We provide one security framework across all connected endpoints including multiple clouds, improved productivity through scripting,  reporting tools, and transparency with full auditing functionality.




  • Manage all your operating systems and machines – Manage heterogeneous operating systems in one console
  • Local network or cloud service – Bare metal, virtual, public, private and hybrid clouds 
  • Rapid, agentless setup – Easy to configure, immediate recognition of and visibility into IT assets
  • Easy migration – Without added costs and no changes to your existing IT infrastructure
  • Standardization of environments and actions –Seamlessly manage and report across a heterogeneous environment
  • Seamless application of security protocols across multiple systems – Behind your own firewall within the Windows security subsystem, SUDO aware




  • Control – Connect, consolidate and manage local accounts in real-time, groups, and file systems of your bare metal, virtual and remote assets
  • Security – Manage all from behind the enterprise firewall via the SSH protocol with complete visibility and audit trail
  • Operational Efficiency – Provides simple management of complex operating system and asset configurations, faster task execution 
  • Efficiency – Minimize human error, standardize tasks; rapid provisioning, de-provisioning, and password resets reduces burden on IT staff
  • Flexibility – Configurable interface allows slipstreaming into existing technology for quick integration into existing business processes and enterprise security protocols
  • Low total cost of ownership – Download and connect winthin minutes for secure, direct management of IT assets, including Linux/UNIX, Mac and Windows
  • Low barrier to entry – Low purchase cost, agentless installation, and minimal training requirements 


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