Push a new program - Arduino

Note that the Push Program functionality applies only to MCU sketches, and only to the Arduino Yun at this time. 

You can easily push a micro-controller sketch to any number of devices simultaneously. ("Sketch" is Arduino's lingo for a program running on an MCU.) You’ll first upload the Hex file (and optionally the corresponding source code to the platform), after which it can be pushed to the devices. Sketches are stored in your account and are retrievable from your dedicated program Library.


 Accessing the Push Program Interface

"Push Program" is found on the right side in the Actions List. This action allows you to upload and send microcontroller programs (or "sketches") to your selected devices. 


When first opened, the Push Program library has two preinstalled sketches that can be executed across any connected device(s).



Adding a Program

A program can be considered to consist of two parts, a compiled program (Hex files) and the corresponding script. To send the MCU program to your device you must upload the compiled program. The optional script upload makes it easier to keep track of the code that is running on a device. 

Click on the "Add" button, to add Hex files and scripts to your library.



Uploading a Hex File

Begin by selecting the Hex file button in the leftmost display.


This will open a file browser. Choose the target Hex file for upload. Once successfully processed, the selected file will appear in the Program display. The light blue box allows for the entry of a Program description. This can be edited later.


Uploading a Sketch

At this time you can also add the corresponding Script file (.ino) which will help you keep track of which sketch is running on what device.

Select the Script button. 


Continue the process following the same steps used previously in the Hex file configuration. Once uploaded, the corresponding script file will appear in the right side of the display.

Once a sketch has been created and saved, you can quickly access your program library via the Header shortcut Devices or Programs drop-down toggle. 



Edit Program

You can change a program’s description at any time using the Edit button. Click “Save” when any edits are completed.


Pushing a Program

Within the main basic6 console:

1. Choose the device(s) that you wish to execute against,

2. Select the Push Program action, 

3. Pick a script from your library, and then 

4. Click the "Push" button. This will immediately push the program to all selected devices.



Viewing the Action Status

Within the main Device display, the target devices' Last Action will show that a Push Program has run, the Last Action Status will show the action’s status, and the MCU Program will show the selected sketch. The Last Action Time will display time stamp of the action.


Program History

To see the output of issued programs and commands right click on a device and select Action History. This information can also be accessed via the ‘Last Action Status’ link provided in the Device Details display.