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Consulting Services


Consulting Services

Custom Software & Hardware Development

Basic6 provides full-stack IoT product development engineering services, from architecture and implementation of sophisticated cloud-based back-ends through device hardware design and embedded programming. In-house developed components are available to reduce product time to market.

The Basic6 team can operate independently and provide an on-going service, or work in close partnership with in-house engineering teams. We are a close-knit United States-based team that has worked together for more than a decade; all are highly accomplished developers with over 100 years of combined technology experience.


●      Architecture and implementation of secure, redundant and highly scalable cloud infrastructures

●      Front-end development: jQuery, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Vue

●      Back-end development: node.js, C#, C++, Python, Java, VB.NET, Entity Framework, Linux, Windows

●      SQL databases (MSSQL, MySQL, PostgresSQL)

●      NoSQL (DynamoDB, Redshift, Redis, S3)

●      Mobile development: Android, iOS

●      Desktop development: C# WinForms

●      Device-to-cloud and device mesh connectivity design

●      Device-resident programming (Python, C/C++)

●      Device-to-consumer real-time data pipelining and control signaling

The Basic6 team has a proven track record. It recently completed a multi-year project creating a state-of-the-art IoT platform capable of supporting a variety of applications, with a particular strength in the lighting vertical. The team has designed and built industry-leading data center physical infrastructure management enterprise software with project planning and user workflows, resource planning and management, forms automation and reports building.

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