open a basic6 account

You'll need a Raspberry Pi (or other embedded Linux device) that is connected to the Internet and the ability to interface with your device via the command line.

Create a Hello! account at the Login Page.

You'll be provided a Device Token.

Keep this in a safe place.


download the installer

Access the command line on the Raspberry Pi by opening LXTerminal or logging in via SSH.

Within the console,

download the installer by typing


Once the file has finished downloading, make it executable by typing

chmod +x


control remotely

Run the installer using

sudo ./

Enter your user name and device token when prompted by the installer

You’re ready to go!


Please note: The push program and MCU related commands will not function on the Raspberry Pi as the RPi does not have a microcontroller chip like the Arduino Yun.

If this is your first time using your Raspberry Pi, you might want to check out Raspberry Pi's configuration guide for hardware and OS support.


You can now place your device(s) anywhere and:

 Push updates (bug fixes!)

 Run Linux scripts securely

 See if your device is connected to the WiFi

 Check its memory usage

 Reboot the OS

 Stop/Restart your device

 Perform identical operations on large numbers of devices at once