open a basic6 account

You'll need an Arduino Yun and the ability to push a sketch using the Arduino IDE.

Create a Hello! account at the Login Page.

You'll be provided a Device Token.

Keep this in a safe place.


run install sketch

Download the Installation Sketch and upload it using the Arduino IDE.

For the device to authenticate against your b6Launch account, replace the user_name and device_token with your user name and the device token from step 1.

The Sketch waits for you to open the Arduino IDE's "Serial Monitor", where you can view the installation status.


control remotely

That's it!

You can now control your device remotely!

If this is your first time using your Arduino Yun, you might want to check out Arduino's configuration page for hardware support.

You can now place your device(s) anywhere and:

 Push updates (bug fixes!)

 Run Linux scripts securely

 See if your device is connected to the WiFi

 Check its memory usage

 Reboot the OS

 Stop/Restart the microcontroller

 Perform identical operations on large numbers of devices at once