Troubleshooting for Arduino Devices

Agent not installing

If the Basic6 IoT agent is not installing, exit the IDE and restart the process.

The agent upload (with user's name and device token information entered) can also be "re-tried" via the Upload action.

Device not found in IDE during initial configuration

If a configured and WiFi enabled arduino device is not found within the Arduino IDE interface, a user might need to toggle between the different top level tabs of the IDE - File, Edit, Sketch, Tools, Help.

The device will be found Tools>Port.

Error message received during a Pushed Sketch attempt

If an error message is received during a Push Sketch action, simply issue a ‘Reboot’ action from within the B6Launch web console.

Reboot remains in Processing State

Certain Yun devices (mostly running Linino)  do not immediately respond to an issued REBOOT command and return a continuous "Processing" message.  To solve this issue, PowerOff the device and Power back On.  The REBOOT command should work at this time.

Reset Arduino Yun

There are 3 reset buttons with different functions on the board:

• Linino Reboot button will cause the reboot of the Linux system. All the data stored in RAM will be lost and all the programs that are running will be terminated.

• The 32U4 RST button resets the ATmega32U4 microcontroller. 

• WiFi Reset. This button has a double feature but primarily serves to restore the WiFi to the factory configuration. To restore your WiFi configuration you have to press and hold the WLAN RST button for 5 seconds. The second function of the WLAN RST button is to restore the Linux image to the default factory image. To restore the Linux environment you must press the button for at least 30 seconds. Note that if restoring the device to the factory image, you will lose all saved files installed on the on-board flash memory. 

Serial Monitor not Opening

After Upload of Basic6 Agent Sketch it is recommended that a user open the Serial Monitor within the IDE (Tools>Serial Monitor) in order to view and confirm the Basic6 agent installation.

If an "Unable to Connect" message is received, quickly close and reopen the Serial Monitor in order to open the interface,

Note that you might have to do this several times in rapid succession (open/close).