Smart LED's = Geo-Location Infrastructure

Basic6's GeoLiFi application consists of

Mobile marketing - sub-meter proximity marketing with  very low latency with videos and images for targeted messaging

Mapping - product and store mapping provides critical information for sales lift and employee productivity

Visual shopping list - visual marking of products in store serves as reminder of intended purchases to increase same store sales

Tablet as personal shopping assistant - for engaging visuals, product information and promotional details

Detailed analytics - dwell times, heat maps, peak and low traffic times, customer interest at each engagement point, and more

Completely anonymous - users are not identified as the data delivery and collection are done through store-owned devices

High precision - customer location is consistently delivered within several feet without range adjustments or range fade

Reporting - delivered as raw data or in the Basic6 dashboard with data points as granular as each light in a store

Elaborated retail application -shopping list import, path optimization, product locator and substantially more features

Powerful tool for employees - with the ability to access external resources, use the tablet for training, click-and-collect and more

Productivity tool and revenue source - path optimization, workforce tools, and revenue opportunities on the tablets themselves

More shopper experience features - currently under development. Getting involved early gives a voice in feature development.



GeoLiFi can address multiple business problems - these are just a few

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customer service is the new marketing

Product and store mapping, detailed product information, geo-located proximity marketing, visual shopping lists and other features on the GeoLiFi tablets create a digital personal shopping assistant for customers and employees alike.


gut instinct no longer required

It used to be that gut instinct was the only way to know what your customers were doing in the store - but GeoLiFi provides real-time data on customer interests, customer patterns, and in-store behavior.


location, location, location

Highly specific geo-located data, using just the lights and tablets, are shown on heat maps to show hot/cold zones, and more for most efficient space allocation and marketing.


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know your customer

Real-time data, collected anonymously through the tablets, can be used across the enterprise, from finance to staffing to marketing to inventory control to ad sales to merchandising to promotions to customer service - well - the list goes on. But the power begins with quantified, real-time data about your customer.


spot on

GeoLiFi can be directed from multiple forms of smart LED's, from pendant lights hanging from the ceiling to small pin lights above a rack. When the tablet picks up the light, Basic6 knows exactly which light the user was under. 

Lights already illuminate your store. They double their usefulness when used as individual information channels. Add in the energy savings and it's a win-win.


time is money

The longer customers spend in a store, the more likely they are to buy. Track how long your customers stayed and where they stayed for data-driven decisions about product layout and the real value of in-store locations and marketing.

In retailing, time really is money.


green is the new black

Conversion to LED lighting saves money in energy costs and in replacement bulbs as LED lights may last as long as twenty years. When smart LiFi LED lights bring a connectivity infrastructure with them, you're using one fundamental piece of your infrastructure to power sales, analytics, and profitability.

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